Mary Anne Hering: Remarks at the WCP Convention

2017 is not an election year in Michigan on the state level. But that doesn't mean that there is nothing that can be done. Maybe we can't campaign for candidates. But we can campaign for the idea that working people need our own party.

There's Work to Be Done – with or without an Election

Working Class Party did well in the 2016 elections, despite being a new party. We got about 13 times as many votes as we needed to stay on the ballot in 2018, and our candidate for State Board of Education got more votes than any other minor party candidate.

Another Capitalist Program for Wealth

Trump says he will cut corporate taxes and cut environmental regulations – he claims this will create jobs.

A Working Class Program for Jobs

Fewer and fewer of us have a full-time, decently paid job. It’s an emergency.

Post Election Statement by Working Class Party

Vote totals are in for the Working Class Party. It’s not a spectacular vote, but it shows that a part of the working class responded to the main axis of our campaign: that the working class needs its own party.

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