Listen to Interview with Gary Walkowicz and Mary Anne Hering

The World Labor Hour Radio program interviewed Gary Walkowicz and Mary Anne Hering, Saturday, October 18.

They discussed not only their own candidacies, but the campaign they have engaged in with the three other independent candidates: Sam Johnson, Ken Jannot and D.A. Roehrig. The five are running together, calling for: "A Working Class Fight Based on a Working Class Policy!"

The interview with Gary and Mary Anne was heard live on on October 18 at 12:30 Eastern time – for the Detroit area. (For people in the Chicago area, it was broadcast 11:30 a.m. Central time.)

The program has been archived and can be heard by clicking here. Then click on the red arrow at the bottom to start the player.

Gary and Mary Anne are interviewed in the second half of the hour-long program. Start playing the show at the half way point.

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