2014 Election Results, Michigan

The results are in for the five candidates who dared to run as an independent slate representing a working class policy.

In an election once again decided by money – and that means by the capitalist class whose hands control the money – both congressional candidates were able to get over 2% of the vote. Gary Walkowicz, in the 12th district, had 5039 votes, just over 2% of those voting (3.03% in that part of his district in Wayne County and 1.48% in the part in Washtenaw County). Sam Johnson, whose district includes the central part of Detroit, had 3466 votes, which translated into 2.07% of the 13th district, where turnout was lower.

In the election for Dearborn School Board (responsible also for Henry Ford College), Mary Anne Hering had 5153 votes, which credited her with 9.93% of all the votes cast in an election where voters could vote for up to three candidates. In the election to put three people on the new board, she came in fourth. Kenneth Jannot had 2431 votes, or 4.69% in the same election. The actual turnout of people voting in Dearborn was 25,127 – so of the people casting a ballot, over 20% voted for Mary Anne and almost 10% for Kenneth.

Finally, in the election for Wayne Country Community College Board of Trustees, D. A. Roehrig won with over 95% of the vote, 15,661 votes. The incumbent did not qualify for the ballot, and there were a few write-ins.

Speaking for the five candidates, Gary Walkowicz and Sam Johnson said they were pleased by the campaign. Thousands of workers, who are outraged by the never-ending attacks, could express their anger by voting for candidates who said what many workers know is true: nothing will improve for working people until they begin to fight as a class. All five candidates say that they will be out there tomorrow, just as they were during the campaign, calling for a working class fight based on a working class policy.  

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