Another Capitalist Program for Wealth

Trump says he will cut corporate taxes and cut environmental regulations – he claims this will create jobs.

No, it won’t. It will only put more money into the pockets of big corporations and banks – the same corporations and banks that benefitted from tax cuts under Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush and Obama.

Today, the big corporations pay almost nothing in taxes – the second lowest total percentage in eight decades. But they haven’t created jobs. They only accumulated more and more wealth, at the expense of roads, other public services and schools.

Today, the big corporations already run riot over the environment – and that is harmful for everyone, as the people of Flint and many other places have learned.

Even less taxes, even fewer regulations will mean more hoarded wealth in the hands of a capitalist class that never once put the needs of the population first.

That hoarded wealth ends up in more speculation – and speculation has already been seriously harmful for society, leading to the crises we have lived through one after another.

Trump may have a bigger mouth than other politicians, but he has nothing fundamentally different to propose.

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