A Working Class Program for Jobs

Fewer and fewer of us have a full-time, decently paid job. It’s an emergency.

What’s needed are emergency measures to serve the needs of the population.

  1. No more lay offs by companies making a profit. No more speed-up, forcing one worker to do the job of two, which ends up cutting jobs.

  2. Share out the work that does exist among everyone who wants to work – with no loss of pay to anyone. We could all be working half as long – and everyone could still have a decent income. That’s what new technology could provide. That’s what increased productivity should mean.

  3. If the companies say they can’t do it, then open up their financial accounts – the real ones. They have accumulated trillions of dollars. Their hoarded wealth was stolen from the labor of every worker who ever had a job. And it is owed to all of us. It is a debt long past due.

  4. Use the hoarded wealth of all the big companies and their banks to protect the lives of the working class and all ordinary people, giving everyone a job, a decent income, including an adequate retirement or disability income, when the time comes.

  5. If any companies refuse, take their business and accumulated wealth from them, without handing them anything in return. They've already been paid back many times over for their "investment."

This is the beginning of an emergency program the working class could fight for.

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