Working Class Party (MI) Partial Results

Nov. 4, the day after – like everyone else, we are waiting for the final counts. But one thing we can see already is that Working Class Party maintained its vote from two years ago. This was important, given the virus, as well as an election campaign that insisted everyone choose sides between the two big parties. Certainly, the 2020 election was not exactly comparable with 2018. And our results one day after the election, are still very incomplete. Nonetheless, they show that there is a steady, if small, part of the population who agree with our affirmation that working people need their own party, and furthermore that working people have the capacity to build a different society than the one we are caught in today.

The partial count for Mary Anne Hering, running for State Board of Education, has already exceeded 108,000 votes – significantly more than the 22,133 votes needed to maintain ballot status for Working Class Party. This means the work we started six and a half years ago to let the voice of working people be heard in the election will continue.

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