WCP Statement about 2020 Campaign in Michigan

We face the rapid spread of a contagious virus because government raided public health funds, just like it raided funds for roads, dams, bridges, public transit, and education in order to hand out tax breaks, subsidies, outright gifts, to a greedy capitalist class.

We are living through an economy in collapse because that ruling capitalist class sacrificed the needs of the whole society in its mad dash to accumulate ever more profit. Jobs were slashed, wages cut, employment made temporary or part time or by contract – and all this before the virus hit. The extra profits they wrung out flooded into speculation, endangering our lives along with their own economy.

Neither Democrat nor Republican has an answer to these problems because each in its own way supports the right of the capitalist class to run the economy.

Until working people are ready to fight to take back this wealth stolen from decades of our labor, there is no way to deal with any of the problems we face. Until the working class mobilizes to grab hold of the economy, taking control of it, we will continue to live through one crisis after another.

Facing a society in crisis, the working class needs all its forces to go into battle. But it’s exactly in this current situation of crisis that the enemies of the working class seek to inflame differences among us and to divide us. Our only answer must be: NO! We will not allow the cancer of racism to spread in our class.

Working people won’t overcome these crises in the voting booth. We can change our fate only through a determined mobilization of our class against the capitalist class and the government that defends it. But every vote for Working Class Party stands for another person who agrees with that goal.

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