Sam Johnson: On the 2018 Killings in Florida

People are killing other people, in the schools, in the workplaces. It even happens in different families. Young people kill themselves.

Killing each other – it’s not normal that people would do that. It’s the pressure that does it.

The pressure comes from that 1% who live off of everyone else. They put their profit before people’s lives. They take the money. They use it for themselves, It’s not there for what working people need.

What happened in this school is not the end of it. What caused it to happen will cause more of these things to happen, more killings.

Think about conditions in the schools – teachers talk about it. It’s a problem, there’s not enough money put in the schools. The kids can’t get the education and they can’t get the attention they need if they have a problem.

Then when young people come to the job, they get paid half what older ones are paid. You know that’s not right.

That 1% are causing the problems – causing the crime by cutting back jobs, and when they give jobs its temporary and part time. People can’t live on what they make. And kids already know it.

Each person is pushed to do what two people used to do. Young people today are doing more and getting paid less. It’s right for the capitalists, because their profit goes up. But it’s not right.

All the problems coming at us today, come because the capitalists are putting profits first. All these problems, schools, health care, jobs – all this comes from their system. They put profit first and people are dying from that.

We have to think about the capitalist system we live in, and understand the pressure it puts on people to understand what brings people to kill other people.

It’s going to take us who are under this pressure to stop it. We’ll have to stop waiting on the government to fix it, because the government is carrying out the same old policy that was causing these things to happen. The president is their president, that one percent, it’s their government.

We’re going to have to come to see what’s happening, we’re going to have to come together. The young people who are protesting about what happened in Florida – they’re right to do that.

Pressure pushes people to do things. But in the ‘60s, it pushed black people to make a fight, into a rebellion. That’s what it’s going to take. And we have the forces to do that.

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