Campaign flyer from the Working Class Party of Michigan

Download: Working People Need a Party Based on Our Own Class

Working People Need a Party
Based on Our Own Class

WCP logo That party does not exist today. Instead, there are two big parties, both serving the capitalist class and its chase after profit. But working people can build our own party, one that struggles to unite all our forces in a common fight. We refuse to let the bosses set us against each other by race and ethnic background, by sex, by citizenship, by age, by skill and education. We all work for our living. We are proud to be part of the same class, the class that makes society run.

WCP MI candidates

Working Class Party Candidates:

Top Row: Jim Walkowicz – 9th Congressional district, Andrea L. Kirby – 10th Congressional district, Gary Walkowicz – 12th Congressional district, Simone R. Coleman – 13th Congressional district

Middle Row: Larry Darnell Betts – State Senate district 2, Mary Anne Hering – State Board of Education, Lou Palus – 3rd Congressional district, Liz Hakola – 1st Congressional district

Front Row: Linda Rayburn – State Senate district 3, Kathy Goodwin – 8th Congressional district, Kimberly Givens – State Senate district 6

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