11 Working Class Candidates for Michigan 2018

The Working Class Party, in its Convention July 15, nominated candidates to run in the 2018 election, five for the U.S. Congress, two for the State Board of Education, and four for the Michigan State Senate. It issued the following statement about these candidates.

Everyone at the Convention and eligible to vote for our nominees was someone who had worked for Working Class Party before: to put it on the ballot and/or to campaign for its candidates in the fall of 2016. We think decisions should be made by the people who have already done the work. And we wanted the candidates also to come from those who had worked.

Our 11 candidates can speak with authority about the problems working people face because they are workers or the sons and daughters of workers. Our candidates are full-time workers, temporary workers, retired workers, workers disabled by job injuries. They work in factories, they work in offices, in kitchens, in restaurants. Our candidates for the Board of Education are a teacher and someone who just graduated from the Detroit public schools. Who knows better the problems of the schools than those who teach in them and those who work to learn in them?

These are our 11 candidates:

  • Mary Anne Hering, for State Board of Education;
  • Logan Smith, also for State Board of Education;
  • Kathy Goodwin, 5th Congressional District; 
  • Andrea Kirby, 9th Congressional District; 
  • Gary Walkowicz, 12th Congressional District; 
  • Sam Johnson, 13th Congressional District; 
  • Philip Kolody, 14th Congressional District; 
  • Hali McEachern, 3rd State Senate District;
  • Larry Betts, 5th State Senate District;
  • Thomas Repasky, 18th State Senate District;
  • Louis Palus, 29th State Senate District.

Our 11 candidates know there is a war going on, a war of the wealthy classes against the working class. And all eleven call on you to put yourself in the camp of the working class.

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