WCP Maryland Chooses Candidate

The new Working Class Party of Maryland has nominated David Harding for mayor of Baltimore, to run in the November 2020 election.

Over 18 months of campaigning, 14,000 people gave us their signatures because they agreed that working people need their own party. The work was done all by volunteers.

Democratic and Republican politicians both tell us there are not enough funds for the problems we face, worried about jobs, housing, education, health care, the future of our families.

In fact, the politicians of both parties take our taxes, not for what we need, but in order to give funds to corporations to prop up their profits.

It’s an outrage! We do all the work, we create the wealth of the society, we pay the taxes, yet in a time of pandemic, working people, are the ones who face the brunt of the problem. And in this racist society, the problems fall more heavily on black people.

Those who run this capitalist society try to pit us against each other whether our jobs are public or private; skilled or unskilled; whether we are retired or unemployed, whether we are black or white, women or men, immigrant or native born.

We are convinced that by fighting together for what we all need, we can begin to overcome these divisions.

David Harding, a computer operator for the Maryland Health Department, is a union activist. He has been a union activist ever since he worked at Bethlehem Steel in the 1970s. In 2016 he ran as an independent for city council member in the 14th district.

We want to discuss this campaign for a Working Class Party candidate with as many people as possible, as the situation allows.

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