Juan Rey: A Worker for Congress

Download: Juan Rey: A Worker for Congress

Let’s Put a Worker on the Ballot!

Candidate for U.S. Congress District 37

Juan Rey

I am a train Mechanic at L.A. Metro

I am running because:

  • Big businesses inflate prices to steal from the workers.
  • Only low wage/part time jobs with little or no benefits.
  • Rent and mortgages are too damn high.
  • Public education and essential services are destroyed.
  • The U.S. spends our money on their gigantic military and their wars of domination.

To address these problems, working people need:

  • To build our own independent political party.
  • A Working-Class Party for all workers: ​union and non-union, black and white, immigrant, and native-born.
  • To stand together to defend our class interests.

Juan Rey for Congress

P.O. Box 561646, Los Angeles, CA 90056


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