Results for Working Class Party: Michigan, Maryland, Illinois

Working Class Party presented candidates in the 2022 election: 11 candidates in Michigan, where it has been on the ballot since 2016; two candidates in Maryland, where it gained ballot status in 2020; and one candidate in Illinois, where it qualified this year.

WCP MI candidates in the media and more

The candidates of the Working Class Party of Michigan were featured over the course of the campaign in the below media and appeared in the following forums.

Lou Palus interviewed on PBS and more

Lou Palus, Working Class Party candidate now in Michigan's 3rd U.S. congressional district, was interviewed by PBS affiliate WGVU in Grand Rapids.

Mary Anne Hering in Detroit Free Press

Mary Anne Hering, Working Class Party of Michigan candidate for State Board of Education, attended a Meet the Candidates night in Milford, MI.

Meet the Candidates of WCP Michigan

The Working Class Party of Michigan held a "Meet the Candidates" event on Sunday, October 2.

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