Kathy Goodwin Interview

Kathy Goodwin, Working Class Party candidate for the 5th Congressional District, appeared on the Tom Sumner radio program from Flint, Michigan on October 2 at 9 a.m. You can find the discussion with Kathy in the program's online archive. The hour begins with almost 20 minutes of news, then continues with a discussion between host Tom Sumner and Kathy for most of the last 40 minutes.

Voter Guides Now Available

The 11 Working Class Party candidates filled out questionnaires for voter guides published or put online by the League of Women Voters of Michigan and the Detroit Free Press. The League of Women Voters printed guide can be found in most public libraries and is also available online at Vote411.org. When the Free Press Guide becomes available, we will post that info here. The candidates also filled out questionnaires for a voters guide put online by the Gongwer News Service of Michigan. Gongwer is a subscription service only.

Campaign Meeting of Working Class Party

The Working Class Party held a “Meet-and-Greet” the candidates meeting on September 23 in Detroit. Gary Walkowicz, one of the candidates, introduced the meeting, talking about the answers the working class would have to the current disastrous situation we are in. He was followed by eight other candidates who explained, based on their own lives, why they thought the working class needed its own party and why they wanted to run as its candidates. Mary Anne Hering followed, reminding everyone that, just as in 2016, when the Working Class Party rolled up almost a quarter of a million votes, the party’s results will depend on what people in the meeting do. Everyone has friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and all of those people know people. It’s a network that helped get Working Class Party its votes last time. Finally, Sam Johnson wrapped up the meeting, calling on everyone there to keep their eyes fixed on the bigger picture.

Working Class Party Campaign Begins

The Working Class Party started off its 2018 campaign with a series of events over Labor Day weekend. There was a WCP booth at the Hamtramck Labor Fest. Candidates and supporters took part in the Labor Day parade and other celebrations in Detroit, Flint, Ypsilanti, and Grand Rapids, as well as the Jazz Fest in Detroit. This weekend, among other things, they had a booth in a street fair in Detroit, "Dally in the Alley."

MIRS Interviews Mary Anne Hering

The following article is printed with the permission of Michigan Information & Research Service Inc. (MIRS)

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