Working Class Party on the Ballot in Illinois, Maryland & Michigan

In the November 2022 elections, Working Class Party will have candidates running in three states.

In Illinois, Ed Hershey is on the ballot in the Fourth Congressional District, which touches part of Chicago and nearby suburbs.

In Maryland, David Harding is on the ballot for governor of the state of Maryland, and with Cathy White as lieutenant governor.

In Michigan, seven WCP candidates are on the ballot for U.S. Congress: Liz Hakola, District 1; Louis Palus, District 3; Kathy Goodwin, District 8; Jim Walkowicz, District 9; Andrea L. Kirby, District 10; Gary Walkowicz, District 12; and Simone R. Coleman, District 13.

Three more WCP candidates are running for the Michigan State Senate: Larry Darnell Betts, District 2; Linda Rayburn, District 3; and Kimberly Givens, District 6.

Finally, one candidate, Mary Anne Hering, is on the ballot in the whole state of Michigan, running for State Board of Education.

All 14 of these candidates are working people, proud to be part of the class that makes everything run. They did the work to get on the ballot and stay on the ballot because there is no political party that speaks for working people today, only two big parties that serve the capitalist class and its chase after profit. The goal of these 14 candidates is to be part of the much bigger effort needed to create a working class party in their own states, and beyond that, in this country.

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