Sam Johnson: Wrap-Up: WCP Convention 2021

Well what's been said here, we're all going to have to get the bigger picture, to understand where the problems come from, where they're coming from and who it's going to take to stop them.

It's going to take us, the working people, the working class, to stop the problems. IF enough of us get the bigger picture, we'll have no problem stopping it all, because we're the force that makes this country run.

We're the force that brings about the billions and trillions for what the capitalists want and what they need, and yet we can't have what we need? You know it ain't right. I always think about that because the next generations behind us are catching hell. Worse than their grandparents and great grandparents had. You know that's not right.

If it ain't right, then it's going to take us to get that bigger picture, to come together, to unify our force, to bring our numbers together. The working people. Once that happens, we can stop it. But right now, we don't even have the history, to know what we need to do.

We need to learn about the history of the working class. About 1905 in Russia, 1917 in Russia, then 1927 in China, then it came here in the 30s and 40s, workers getting together to build the unions. Took it farther than what it was. Some of them had been in revolutions other places. They fought against the capitalists way back then.

Anyway, more of us have to get the picture of how things are, how they got where they are. If more of us understand that, if more of us understand what the working people did back then, then we're going to do what they did. That's what it's going to take to stop the capitalists from what they are doing. Take back what they're taking from us.

I've been a fighter all my life. Way back in the 70s, I brought workers together. Black, white, Arabs, other immigrants. Brought them together. When we came together, we didn't stop them from doing everything. But still we backed them up, different things they were doing, they slowed down on it. And a lot of the workers saw that, learned from that, what we could do.

Later on, the union leadership came back, they were going along with the companies, instead of standing up for our needs, they were going along with it. I stood up against that. And got the workers to understand that the union leaders were part of the problem. I really stood up against that and fought against that.

That's why they came after me. Later on, when the companies laid people off, they laid off the union reps, they came first for me.

Anyway, what it's going to take is to come together and to spread it everywhere. If more of us get the bigger picture, there'll be enough of us to spread it. That's what it's going to take. We're going to have to spread it. You can't win in just one place. And don't just think about spreading it only in the U.S. It has to be spread everywhere. There are immigrant workers everywhere in this country. If they are part of the fight, they can take it back where they came from. That's what it's going to take. To spread on the international basis. 

The capitalists spread their armies all around. That's what they do. They forced Russia to back down, and change certain things. They blocked everything off in Russia. After World War I, the U.S. came to be number one, number one capitalist power. They used that power to block Russia.

The more we understand this there, the more and we'll understand what it's going to take to stop it. Wherever you are it has to be spread everywhere. That's what it's going to take. What it's going to take for us to stop it. And I'm ready!

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