Questionnaires & Interviews for WCP Michigan

Many questionnaires and interviews with the candidates of the Working Class Party in Michigan are now available.

Information about all of the state's WCP candidates is listed on the site of the League of Women Voters of Michigan.

Mary Anne Hering has posted a candidate video with Citizen Detroit.

The League of Women Voters forum for the 12th Congressional District included Gary Walkowicz. This race was also reported on by mLive.

Michigan Patch has posted profiles for Sam Johnson, Philip Kolody, and others.

The Dearborn Press & Guide interviewed Mary Anne Hering.

The Detroit News interviewed Mary Anne Hering and Hali McEachern.

The Detroit Free Press Election Voters Guide includes all candidates.

Finally, the Times-Herald downriver papers, including interviews with Sam Johnson and Larry Darnell Betts, are expected shortly.

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