Statement from the Candidates

Issued August 2, 2014 from:

Sam Johnson, candidate for U.S. Congress, Michigan District 13;
Gary Walkowicz, candidate for U.S. Congress, Michigan District 12;
Mary Anne Hering and Kenneth Jannot Jr., candidates for the Dearborn School Board (responsible for Henry Ford College);
D.A. Roehrig, candidate for Wayne County Community College, District 2.

The five of us are running in the November Michigan elections to express this essential idea: workers should not pay the cost of the bosses' crisis.

The wealth of this society today is hoarded by a handful of banks, a couple hundred large companies and a tiny wealthy capitalist class.

We say, this wealth was produced by the labor of working people. It should be taken back and used to pay for measures protecting the lives of ordinary people:
— to put a halt to unemployment;
— to stop the slide in our standard of living;
— to stop the destruction of public services and schools.

We are running to let working people express themselves through their vote:
— to express their anger;
— to say they are unwilling to go on paying for the bosses' crisis;
— to say they know that the two big parties don't represent their interests.

Our situation won't be changed with a vote. We know this. We will need to make a fight to stop the worsening of our situation, but a vote for this program can be the beginning. It can show that a section of the working class understands that we will have to fight if we are to protect ourselves, that we will have to fight to have what we need.

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